Resource Furniture Site Design

Modular Design for Modular Furniture

Resource Furniture, a longtime leader in high-quality, multifunctional furniture. The furniture they sell is thoughtful and elegant, their website, however, did not match the product. We were tasked with updating the IA & site design to make the website match their offerings.


Freelance UX Lead
ABC Design Lab
Resource Furniture

The Challenge

Our goal was to modernize the site experience to have it exist on the same level as the design of their products. The project focused primarily on streamlining the information architecture & navigation, as well as focusing on creating elegant, simple and timeless designs.

The Solution

This was a quick project with a big impact. The timeline scoped was for two weeks, of mostly heads-down work to create 7 unique templates with a variety of flexible modules as well as an updated sitemap.


Quick-Hit Project

The entire UX phase of the project was scoped for two weeks. In such a short timeline we were able to accomplish quite a bit. We conducted stakeholder interviews, audited the current site as well as 5 of their top competitors, created an updated sitemap, concepted page design and 7 responsive templates (with flexible components).


Product Detail Page

The most important page of any e-commerce experience is the product detail page. This page must convey the key aspects of the product in a way that entices the user to purchase. Though RF does not sell from their website, the goals we designed against remained.

We intentionally chose to make the product detail page long to make the experience feel elegant, allow the content a lot of room to breathe and entice users with details. Calls to learn more exist at both the top of the page (for users who know what they are looking for) as well as at the bottom of the page (for those who are now convinced to learn more). A tabbed detail page keeps content accessible, but, under control.


Advanced Filtering

One of the more unique aspects of this project was listing all products together (as many of their modular products defy traditional categorization). Several navigational approaches were developed to have the product listing page be both easy enough for new users, yet, flexible enough for power users.


Final Design


Not designed by Sean Curran

My Role

I was brought in with the stated goal of bringing the largest impact in the short time frame. As the sole UX designer, I ran the project in a fast-paced, yet collaborative, manner. I worked closely with both the design and development team as well as various stakeholders to ensure all designs were realistic on a tight budget and timeline.